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On this page you will find free mp3 files including all songs officially released by the Terminal Sunglasses on their #1 critically acclaimed "Wrap Around Cool" LP in 1985, as well as free mpeg files of both videos they released (near bottom of page, click on TV sets). CD size back and front album covers are also provided. Feel free to make your own guilt-free CD's (as long as you do not sell them for profit)!

Free High Quality one click download (warning: 450 Mb file) of wave files for the entire album!

The Terminal Theme

Psycho Rail

Suburban Subhuman

Fear of People Who Look Insane

Could That Be People Crossing My Lawn

Caution: This is not a Life Saving Device

Eating Barbie's Feet

Antenna Dilemma

The A.M. Story

My Cat Got Run Over By A Bus

Breakfast in a Box

The Coyote Finally Wins

Psychotic Reaction

A Visit to Grandma's

Don't Be Doing It In Front Of The Penguins

Print these images for your CD cover: