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Chris Burns: Hefty howling, crazy rhythms, dinky leads, bass on Grandma's, drums on Psychotic.
Foster Grant: Hifi electric bass, narration and harmonica on Grandma's, backup vocals.
george a: search and destroy drums, vocals and harmonica note on Psychotic, cowbells.
Lawrence Joseph: Twisted lead and spastic rhythm guitars, background mumbles and latin percussion.

The Terminal Sunglasses were part of the Montreal punk/new wave/alternative music scene from 1983 to 1985. Labelled an "avant-garage" band, they updated 60's garage band influences and Velvet Underground avant-guard tendencies with 1980's punk sensibilities. The band released one four song cassette (Re-Discover Your Mind), a highly critically acclaimed full length LP (Wrap Around Cool), and two videos (Psycho Rail and Antenna Dilemma, the former played on MTV and the latter banned from Much Music). They also appeared on two OG records compilations (From Montreal and It Came From Canada, Volume 1). Their secret dream is to have Celine Dion cover their hit single "My Cat Got Run Over By a Bus". Not only do they think this is the ideal song for her talents, but it would also allow them to retire in grand style.

Fortunately, all of the above material is out of print. Unfortunately, it is all now available again, here at this web site. You will find high quality MP3's of all recorded Terminal Sunglasses songs, rare previously unreleased songs from live shows, mpeg's of the two videos, and various other garbage nobody sane could possibly be interested in. But that is what the web is for, right?

Except as otherwise indicated, all material on this site is copyright Chris Burns/Mike Blanchard/George Agetees/Lawrence Joseph 1983-2004. All music and lyrics Published in Canada by SOCAN 1983-1985. All Rights Reserved. However, you may freely download the MP3's and videos and all other material here as long nothing is sold for profit. Make CD's and give copies to your friends! We even provide the CD covers! Enjoy!