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A page of pictures of Binky, the world's cutest cat.

Home page of Nicolas Coloia, Montreal bassist extraordinaire, who has recently completed a book transcribing 134 of Slam Stuart's bass solos!

Site of "The Other Thing" - Montreal Improvisational Pop Group

Web site from Rick Trembles, comic artist extraordinaire and founding member of the American Devices

Punk History of Canada

F-Art: Official Radical Dishonesty Site -- source for info on Integrated Splinterism, Anti-Copyright, Anonymity, Plagiarism, Art Strike, Multiple Names, Anti-technique, Incompetence, Dumb Ideas, Metaphor Sucking, and the Neo-Nominalist International. This anti-documentation site documents 100 years of F-Art Activity including information on the infamous Nikita Sunburn and the World Librarian Association's attempt to erase his name from bibliographical history and the widespread plagiarism of his ideas. The site is condemned by the original F-art Group as Pro-F-Art lies and nonsense created by poseurs and wannabee radicals incapable of pure negation.

dk -- Rik Rue said "I really hate it!

If you love guitar gear, be sure to check out this crazy website