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A Visit to Grandma's

Well, sittin' around home one day
Chompin' on pretzels and watching TV
When the phone rang
Well you see I was horizontally inclined
I wasn't gonna to answer no phone

So my mother answered the phone
She said "Honey, it's Grandma! It's for you!"
Well, I jumped off the couch and
I ran to the phone and I put the receiver to my ear
And I said "Hi Grandma, how's it going?"

She had a surprise for me
She had fresh baked sweet whatnot
She had a cooler full of homogenized milk
She had all my favourite toys for me to play with

She wanted me to come over and play
She wanted me to come over and do my laundry

Wasn't hard for me to make up my mind
This Sesame Street is gettin' a little bit boring
So off I went
I/m goin' to Grandma's
Blueberry muffins, chocolate chip cookies
Clean bathrooms and minding my manners
Ain't no stoppin' me now
I gotta go