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The Coyote Finally Wins

Well I like to watch Bugs Bunny
I don't know about you but I think he's funny
One thing I hate is that stupid bird
I think that bird is a friggin turd

Get him, get him Coyote
Grab that Roadrunner for your food and
Eat him up
Eat him up real good

Well it really bugs me when he goes beep beep
I thought birds were supposed to go cheep cheep
That poor Coyote he always ends up a wreck
I would like to see that bird with an accordian neck

The Coyote's catching up
He's going to eat him for his sup
He's gonna grab his guts and chew on his bones and
Then he'll puke him up

Well now he's done it he's finally won
He ate Roadrunner on a bun
I bet the ACME company is really sad
But I bet everyone else is really glad

No more deserts
On my TV screen
No more coyotes squashed by boulders
Left to be seen