2018: Total Improvisation Troop - "Karma Moxie" CD

2017: dk and the Perfectly Ordinary - "Car Dew Treat US" CD

2014: Total Improvisation Troop - "Man of War" CD

2014: Vincent Nsengiyumva - "Twamagane Ihohoterwa" with Sandra, Emelyne and Letie (vocals), Lawrence (guitar), Vincent (composition, production and all other instruments)

2008: dk and the Perfectly Ordinary - "Treatise" Compilation CD

2007: Video of Anne Marie Marko and I playing 3 Velvets & Nico songs

2006: Schlag Quartet - Free Improvisation CD

The Harpits
       2005: "Greatest Pits" Mini-CD
        1988: "Least Loved Christmas Favourites" Mini-CD

2005: PD Software Patches

1989: Captain Crunch - "More Baroque Post-Industrial Hillbilly Lounge Music" LP

1985: Terminal Sunglasses - "Wrap Around Cool" LP
        2017: CD and LP Remastered Re-release of "Wrap Around Cool"

1983: Pale Blue - "Therapy / Ruin" single