pd patches

Click on the file name to download the patch,
the eye to see a screenshot,
and the ear to listen to an improvisation made using the patch.

  • Listen to an endless variety of ever changing sounds. Requires a General MIDI compatable soundcard.

  • Play up to 12 sound files, loop any part of the file forwards or backwards at any speed.

  • A simple non-graphical "old style" analog synth module.

  • Live record up to 6 sound clips, then loop any part of any file forwards or backwards at any speed.

  • Standard metronome plus allows hands free changing of BPM by any increment at any constant time interval. Ideal for practicing a riff at increasing speeds without needing to stop to reset metronome.

  • Uses FM symthesis to create Merzbow-like thick noisy soundscapes by moving a few sliders.

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