2017: Car Dew Treat US CD by dk and the Perfectly Ordinary with dk, Allison Cameron, Rod Dubey, Lawrence Joseph + Guests

2014: Total Improvisation Troop

2008: Excerpt from Cardew's Treatise by dk and the Perfectly Ordinary

1983: Pale Blue

1985: Terminal Sunglasses
        2017: CD and LP Remastered Re-release of "Wrap Around Cool"

The Harpits
        1988: Least Loved Christmas Favourites
       2005: Greatest Pits

1989: Captain Crunch

2005: PD Patches

2006: Free Improvisation

2007: Video of Anne Marie Marko and I playing 3 Velvets & Nico songs

2014: Vincent Nsengiyumva - Twamagane Ihohoterwa: Sandra, Emelyne and Letie (vocals), Lawrence (guitar), Vincent (composition, production and all other instruments)

Writings about Music:

Signal to Noise Magazine (2008 - 2012)
        Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival Review (2008)
        Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival Review (2010)
        Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival Review (2011)
        Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival Review (2012)
        Book review of "Rant and Dawdle" by Bill Smith (2012)

Cult Montreal (2012 - 2013)

The Montreal Mirror (2010 - 2012)

Musicworks Magazine (2013- )
        Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival Review (2013)
        Feature story on Jean Derome (2015)
        Feature story on Music Therapy (2015)
        Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival Review (2016)
        Interview with Eric Lewis re Pauline Oliveros' Still Listening (2017)

Book: Music Is Rapid Transportation ...from the Beatles to Xenakis (2010)
        Summary of Reviews
        Signal to Noise Review by Mark Keresman
        Montreal Gazette Review by Juan Rodriguez
        Review by Francois Couture
        All About Jazz Review by Chris May
        Spontaneous Combustion Review by Steve Sladkowski
        Jazz Word Review by Ken Waxman

Upcoming Concerts:

Casa del Popolo - Oct 3 2017: - Car Dew Treat Us CD Launch with Allison Cameron, dk, Lawrence Joseph, Caroline Kunzle, Vergil Sharkya', Philippe Battikha and Paul Serralheiro. With opening act the Vergil Sharkya' / Geneviève Gauthier duo.

Previous Concerts:

Cagibi - Oct 30 2013: - Total Improvisation Troop with Michael Fischer

Magic Sound Box - November 20+21 2013 with the CKUT Circuit Workshop Ensemble

March 29 2014: The Harpits/Amahoro/Sima Superstar and LJo at The Blue Mirroir

Far Out Gathering at La Passe - Friday June 27, 2014: Trio Serralheiro/Asselin/Joseph + Ghrelin + Alexandre Corbeil

Simasuperstar + The Harpits + Carlton Howard at Barfly - Saturday July 19, 2014

Art's Birthday - January 16 2015 with the CKUT Circuit Workshop Ensemble

Mile End's Poets Festival - March 27 2015 with the Paul Serralheiro Quintet at Casa del Popolo

Improv@CIRMMT plays John Zorn's COBRA - Thursday, January 28, 2016 Resonance Cafe

Instruments of Happiness - 100 Electric Guitars - Saturday, April 9, 2016 Gesù - Centre De Créativité

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