Here is a download for the full "More Baroque Post-Industrial Hillbilly Lounge Music" LP on OG Records, in mp3 format:

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1. Goes Without Saying (2:18)

2. The Letter (1:44)

3. Better Than That (4:02)

4. Let's Do Lunch (2:50)

5. You Bag My Ass You FIshin' Jerk (4:23)

6. Another Left Wavo (3:15)

7. Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum Army (3:33)

8. Well Again (3:16)

9. Jennifer M. (3:21)

10. Pee Wee Private Eye (2:42)

11. All Things To All People (4:20)

Bonus Track (from It Came From Canada Vol. 5): That Tune (4:21)


For the audiophiles, here is a FLAC download of the entire album (including "That Tune").


The music video for "Goes Without Saying" will be posted soon.


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